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Article 53

1. On the day prior to the day of voting the Precinct Electoral Commission selects at its session, by drawing a lot, the three members in charge of signing the ballots, who then have to sign all the ballots until 12:00 a.m. (the signatures are put on the back side of the ballot) making an appropriate note in the register. The signed ballots and the seal package are kept in a special fire-proof safe. The procedure of preservation of ballots is determined by Central Electoral Commission.

2. At 7:00 a.m. on the voting day, the Precinct Electoral Commission identifies at its session, by drawing a lot, the members to register the citizens (one member per 1,000 voters), to give out the ballot papers (one member per 1000 voters), one member to stamp the ballot papers and one member to be responsible for the ballot box, as well as decides on the timetable of their shifts. The Chairman and the Vice-Chairman of the commission do not participate in the drawing. They may substitute other members of the commission during their temporary absence.

3. At 8:00 a.m. on the voting day, the Chairman of the Precinct Electoral Commission declares the precinct open, afterwards, in the presence of the commission members (persons authorized to be present at the voting can also be present) he/she opens the fireproof safe, takes out the ballot papers and the packed seal, opens the packed seal, verifies that the ballot box is empty, closes and seals the ballot box, submits the counted ballots to the persons responsible for handing out the ballots, and the voter lists – to the persons responsible for the voter registration, and addresses of residential buildings included in the precinct- to the person responsible for sealing the ballot papers, making relevant notes in the registry.

(Amend. of March 23, 1999 LA-286; July 31, 2002 LA-406-P)