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Article 56

1. Immediately after the registration, the member of the commission responsible for allocation of the ballots to the voters, hands the ballot out to the voter.

2. The member of the commission, responsible for sealing the ballots, verifies that the voter is registered in that particular precinct, seals them. The seal shall not come out of the limits of the ballot.

3. The voter marks the ballot in privacy in the voting booth or the room. The presence of any other person in the voting booth or room while the ballot is being marked is forbidden.

4. In case the voter feels that he/she has marked the ballot wrongly, he/she can apply to the Chairman of the Commission, and in case of his absence – to the Vice-Chairman, to be allocated a new ballot. The commission member allocating a new ballot makes an appropriate note in front of the name of the voter in the voter list. The spoilt (damaged) ballot is promptly cancelled, upon which an appropriate protocol is compiled.

5. On the voting day, the voter has no right to announce in the Precinct Center or in the vicinity which candidate he/she is going to vote for or against or has already voted for or against. It is prohibited to inquire in any way, as to who the voter has voted for or against.

(Amend. of July 31, 2002 LA-406-P)