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Article 73

1. The Central Electoral Commission denies the registration of a presidential nominee, if:

1) The restrictions anticipated by the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia extend onto the nominee;

2) As a result of the verification, in the procedure established by this Code, the number of valid signatures in the official papers for the support of the nomination of a candidate is less than 35.000;

3) Documents submitted for registration are falsified.

2. In the event of objection about the registration of the candidate for the President of the Republic, the Central Electoral Commission puts the issue to vote. The registration of a candidate for the President of the Republic is denied by at least with two-thirds vote of the total number of the commission members. In case of no objection the candidate is considered registered.

In the event of the denial in registration for Presidential candidate the sum of the electoral deposit is transferred to the state budget.

(Amend. of July 31, 2002 LA-406-P)