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Article 40c

After collecting, according to the requirements referred to in Article 41 paragraph 1, sub-paragraph. 3, at least 1,000 signatures of citizens, eligible to elect the Sejm, who support the candidate, the agent shall submit the committee to the National Electoral Commission to register. The signatures mentioned in the above sentence constitute a part of the required number of 100,000 signatures of citizens supporting a candidate.

In the submission of the committee, concerning registration, there shall be stated:


the name of the committee and address of its seat;

forename (forenames), surname, address of residence and number of identity (PESEL) of the agent and financial agent.


    To the submission there shall be appended:


the statement on creating the committee and on establishing agents referred to in Article 40a paragraph 7;

a written consent of the candidate indicating consent to run in the election, referred to in Article 40a, paragraph 4, and the consent for creating his committee;

a list of at least 1,000 citizens, referred to in paragraph 1.


The submission of a committee for registration may be done no later than on the 55th day before the polling day.