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Article 43

The National Electoral Commission shall, after the period of time referred to in Article 40 paragraph 3, subject to Article 42, paragraphs 3 to 5, elapses, create the list of candidates, and on that list shall insert, in alphabetical order, the following data: surname, forenames, age, and documented education, practised profession and place of employment (name of an institution) and the place of residence of duly registered candidates. There shall be inserted on the list the content of a statement, referred to in Article 6, paragraph 1 of an Act of 11 April 1997 on Disclosure of Work or Service in the Organs of State Security and Collaboration with such Organs in the years 1944-1990 by Persons Performing Public Functions, in the part specified in Article 11, paragraph. 2 of that Act.

The agent may request to name on the list of candidates the political or social organization of which the candidate is a member.

No later than the 20th day before the polling day, the National Electoral Commission makes public the data, referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2, in the form of announcements posted.