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Article 116

Summarization of Results of the National Assembly Majoritarian Elections

1. Based on the data of the summarization protocols of voting, in the procedure and time frames set forth in Article 62 of this Code, the Territorial Electoral Commission summarizes the election results by constituencies, and takes one of the following decisions:

1) On the election of a deputy;

2) On recognizing the elections of the deputies as invalid;

3) On recognizing the elections of the deputies as not held;

2. The candidate, who has received the maximum "yes" votes, is considered as elected.

3. In the event if only one candidate runs at the elections, he/she is considered as elected, if he/she has received more than half of the votes of the participants in the elections.

4. In the event if two and more candidates have received maximum equal "yes" votes, drawing is held among them, to determine the elected candidate.

5. The election of the deputies is recognized invalid, if the amount of inaccuracies influencing the number of votes excludes the possibility to determine the elected candidate, if in the course of preparation or conduct of elections such violations of the Code occurred, which might affect the results of elections.

6. The election of a deputy is recognized not held, if:

1) The only candidate running has not received the required number of votes for being elected;

2) The elected candidate has died before the election results have been summarized.

7. Within two hours after the decision on summarization of the election results has been made, the Chairman of the Territorial Electoral Commission sends a report to the Central Electoral Commission.

8. Appeals related to disputes over the results of the National Assembly majoritarian elections can be adjudicated to the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Armenia within seven days after the results are officially announced.

9. Re-elections will be held not sooner than 10 days and not later than 20 days after the decision on declaration of the election of a candidate invalid comes into force. In case of recognizing the results of re-voting invalid during National Assembly elections under majoritarian system, new elections are conducted not earlier than 30 days and not later than 40 days after that decision comes into force.

10. Re-elections will be held not sooner than 30 and not later than 40 days after the decision on declaration of the election as not held comes into force.

11. New elections are held with new nomination of candidates and within timeframe defined for extraordinary elections.

(Amend. of March 23, 1999 LA-286; July 31, 2002 LA-406-P)