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Article 131

Procedure for Summarization of the Election Results

1. Based on the summarization protocols of the voting results received from Precinct Electoral Commissions, the Territorial Electoral Commission, at its session, which can be attended by persons who have the right to be present, compiles summarization protocols on the election results in the community.

2. Upon written request of the Precinct Electoral Commission member who has submitted a special opinion or the proxy of the candidate, the Territorial Electoral Commission verifies and checks the conformity of the data of the precinct summarization protocol on the voting results at the relevant precinct, with the actual voting data. The authors of the special opinion and the Chairman of the relevant Precinct Electoral Commission can participate in the verifications.

3. In case of revealing discrepancies as a result of the verification the Territorial Electoral Commission compiles verified summarization protocols on the voting results of the given precinct which are attached to the provisional protocols of the Precinct Electoral Commission. The members of the commission attending the session sign the verified protocols. The protocols are stamped by the Territorial Electoral Commission. If a member of the Territorial Electoral Commission has a special opinion on the data of the verified protocols, it is attached to the protocol. A note thereof is made in the protocol next to his/her signature. If a commission member refuses to sign the verified protocols, a note thereon is made in the protocol.

(Amend. of July 31, 2002 LA-406-P)