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Article 5.27

On the receipt of all the election related documents and materials from the Polling Station Committees, the Municipal Election Commission shall establish a consolidated summary of the results of voting within the area of the municipality for the bodies at all levels of authority at which the elections were conducted and shall make a report accordingly, which shall be submitted to the Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina within twenty-four (24) hours after closing of the polls.  The consolidated summary of results for the municipality shall contain the same information as required under Article 5.25 of this law.  A copy of the consolidated summary of results shall be retained by the Municipal Election Commission, and shall be distributed to the other electoral bodies as defined in Regulations of the Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The Municipal Election Commission shall post the consolidated summary of the results so that the consolidated summary can be publicly viewed, and copies of comprehensive voting results shall be delivered to accredited observers of activities of the Municipal Election Commission, upon their request.