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Article 59
1. Voting shall not be interrupted. When, due to extraordinary events, voting shall be temporary impossible, the chairman of the ward electoral commission or his/her deputy may interrupt, prolong or adjourn the voting until the following day.
Such decision shall immediately be made known to the public in a customary manner and delivered to the Constituency Electoral Commission, to the head of a commune (mayor, president of a town) and through Constituency Electoral Commission - to the National Electoral Commission.
2. The commission shall, in the event of any interruption or adjournment of voting, seal the aperture of the ballot box and deposit it in, together with roll of voters, in custody of its chairman. The seal of the commission shall be deposited in the custody of the deputy chairman or other member of the commission. The commission shall establish the number of ballots unused, put them into a sealed packet and deposit into custody of the chairman of the commission. The commission shall, before the resumption of voting, confirm in an official record that the seals on the ballot box and on the packet with unused ballot papers remained intact.