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Paragraph 13
Problems with the law include:
i.   An election administration structure that does not provide an interim level of electoral commissions between the Republic level (Republic Electoral Commission – REC) and polling station level (polling boards – PBs).
ii.   Provisions regulating dissolution of polling boards on election day.
iii.  Failure to provide for participation in the electoral process of both international and non-partisan domestic observers.
iv.  Provisions for establishment and maintenance of voter lists that require improvement.
v.   Provisions for authenticating signature lists in support of a candidate list that require clarification.
vi.  Provisions for campaign finance that are not clear.
vii. Provisions for equal access to the media that could be clarified.
viii. Provisions for mobile voting that should be improved.
ix. Failure to require the REC to publish detailed election results that categorise all types of ballots, including ballots cast by mobile ballot boxes.
x. Inadequate provisions for the settlement of election disputes and protection of suffrage rights.