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Paragraph 10

All provisions for voting abroad have now been removed from the law. The amendments (Articles 1, 6, 7 and 8 of the amendments) restrict the holding of elections to the territory of the Republic of Armenia and exclude the possibility of voting in diplomatic and consular missions. Such restrictive provisions are not unknown in other electoral legislations. Countries considering arrangements for external voting will have to balance universal suffrage against transparency and security during elections. It is also a matter of costs to what extent large groups can be accommodated. Different countries come to different conclusions in these considerations. Many countries around the world do not permit their citizens to vote outside their territories. In Latin America, for example, Chile, Costa Rica, Paraguay and Uruguay do not have voting rights abroad. In Europe, a number of States tend to restrict voting rights of citizens abroad. Greece or the Czech Republic, for example, have incorporated the right of their citizens to vote abroad only in the last decade. Albania, in turn, has still not modified its electoral law in this sense.