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Article 25
Authorities of the Central Election Commission.

The Central Election Commission shall ensure preparation and holding of presidential elections, elections of deputies of the Milli Majlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as referenda and municipality elections.

The Central Election Commission shall carry out the following general authorities:

supervise the observation of people’s suffrage during preparation and holding of elections (referendum), carries out the actions related to financing of elections (referenda), ensures the identical and correct application of the relevant Articles of this Code.

 consider within own authorities the complaints related to violation of rules set forth in the Code, and make grounded decisions.

 form Constituency Election Commissions in accordance with its composition principles.

 manage the activity of constituency and Precinct Election Commissions;

work out standards for technical equipment necessary for the activity of election commissions, approve the standards and supervise their observation;

ensure delivery of ballot papers (referendum ballots) (hereinafter – the ballot papers), envelopes for ballot papers, protocols, de-registration cards and other election (referendum) related documents (hereinafter “election documents”) to the Constituency Election Commission;

ensure preparation and holding of elections (referenda), implementation of the programs related to development of the election (referendum) system, increase legal awareness of voters, conduct trainings for education of members of election commissions and provide the implementation of programs on professional qualification of the latter;

within the territory of election constituency create conditions for pre-election campaign of candidates, registered candidates, political parties, blocks of political parties and pre-referendum campaign of referendum campaign groups; approve the unified regulations for distribution of air time between registered candidates, political parties, blocks of political parties and referendum campaign groups, specify the rules of publication of voting and referendum results;

 distribute funds allocated from the State budget to preparation and holding of elections (referenda), and supervise their usage for the specified purpose;

render legal, methodical, technical and organizational assistance to election commissions;

approve samples of election ballot papers, envelopes for ballot papers, voters lists, de-registration cards, voting protocols and other election documents, and ensure their preparation and protection;

 approve rules for storage of election materials and keeping them in archives;

approve standards for technical supply of election commissions and supervise their observation; approve samples of seals of election commissions;

supervise funding of pre-election campaign;

provide voters with information about terms, rules of voters’ action and course of holding of elections (referendum);

supervise ensuring of provision of election commissions with premises, transport and communication means, and solve other logistic issues related to elections (referendum);

compile an integrated voters list together with relevant executive authorities and municipal bodies;

get information from relevant executive authorities and municipal bodies about issues related to preparation and conduct of elections;

ensure use of the State Automated Information System on a basis of identical rules;

register the observers and provide them with badges of appropriate design;

define own work routine, as appropriate to Articles 28.1 and 28.5 of this Code;

cancel illegal decisions of election commissions, apply to the relevant commission with regard to the chairmen and secretaries of the election commissions, which do not appropriately fulfil their responsibilities;

carry out other authorities in accordance with this Code.

Within its authorities, the Central Election Commission shall adopt and publish regulations and

The Central Election Commission shall provide all election commissions with regulations and methodical instructions regarding implementation of this Code. The lower commissions shall post the mentioned regulations and methodical instructions on notice boards that ensure their easy reading, in the order specified by the Central Election Commission.