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Article 35

Establishment of Election (Referendum) Precincts.

35.1     Election (referendum) precincts (hereafter referred to as election precincts) shall be formed every 5 years with the purpose of conducting voting and counting of votes, taking into account the number of voters registered within the territories of municipalities. Separate election precincts can be formed before the abovementioned period expires with a purpose to ensure the conformity of the requirements of Article 35.3.1. of this Code.

Election precincts shall be created by the relevant Constituency Election Commissions, agreed with the relevant executive body and municipality, taking into account necessity of creation of maximum convenience for voters and local and other conditions. If election precincts are created immediately before the elections (referendum) then they should be established at least 50 days prior to the election day. The boundaries of election precinct shall be clearly indicated in decision of the Constituency Election Commission on formation of an election precinct (if the election precinct covers a part of a settlement, then street names and apartment numbers shall be indicated).

The following requirements should be followed when creating the election precinct:

 at most 1500 and at least 50 voters should be registered within the territory

of each election precinct;

borders of election precincts must not cross the borders of the constituencies.

Voting stations can be created on (hospitals, sanatoriums, rest homes, oil platforms located in the Azerbaijani sector of the Caspian Sea), in the ships that navigate on the election day (if more than 50 voters are present), and in the places where voters are temporarily located (hospitals, sanatoriums, rest homes), in conformity with the rules defined by the Central Election Commission and within the period defined by Article 35.2 of this Code. They can be created at least 5 days prior to the voting day only in exceptional circumstances defined by the Central Election Commission. Such voting stations shall be included in the constituency created within their location or within the territory of which the ship is registered. Such voting stations may only be created during referendum and Presidential elections.

 Military servants should vote in ordinary voting stations. Rules for transferring citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan who are in limited military service are defined by the Central Election Commission. Voting stations can be created in the military units located outside of the settlements only in circumstances if it is needed more than 1 hour to transport military servants by means of public transport to ordinary voting stations and if the number of military servants is more than 50. In exceptional circumstances defined by the Central Election Commission voting stations can be created in the military units located outside of the settlements. In such circumstances, voting stations shall be created within the period defined by Article 35.2 of this Code, in exceptional cases, they shall be created at least 5 days prior to the voting day by the commanders of the military units in accordance with the decision of relevant Constituency Election Commission. Military servants from frontier troops and military servants located at the areas of military conflicts, as well as those serving under special regime, shall vote in election precincts created within their military units. In the election precincts formed in accordance with this Article, the conditions to access working rooms of election commission and voting rooms easily for all members of the Precinct election commission and superior election commissions, registered candidates and their representatives, authorized representatives of political parties and blocks of political parties and observers should be created in conformity with the rules defined by this Code.

Election precincts for organizing voting for voters located in foreign states and counting of these votes shall be created in the territories where these voters reside, by the heads of diplomatic representations or consulates, provided that number of voters registered with the consulate is more than 50, at least 30 days prior to the voting day. Such voting stations can only be created during referenda and Presidential elections.

  A list of voting stations, stating their number and borders (if voting station occupies a art of territory of a settlement), list of settlements (if voting station covers several settlements), places of Precinct Election Commission and voting stations, and telephone numbers of Precinct Election Commission should be published by the Constituency Election Commission at least 45 days prior to the voting day. Information about election precincts established within the period considered by Articles 35.4. and 35.5. of this Code should be published not later than 2 days after the day of their establishment.

Issues on publishing of the information mentioned in Articles 35.7 and 109 of this Code in the election precincts established outside of the Republic of Azerbaijan should be managed by the heads of relevant diplomatic representations or consulates, by taking into account the local conditions.