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Article 13

Access to Voter Lists


1. The Republic of Armenia Voter List, with the exception of lists compiled in military units and detention facilities and signed by voters, shall be open to access. Lists signed by voters may not be published or copied.

2. The Authorized Agency shall post the Republic of Armenia Voter List on the Internet. The list shall meet the voter list requirements of Article 11 (2) of this Code; it shall be broken down by marzes and communities, and, in cases stipulated by this Code, also by electoral precincts.

3. Everyone and every party shall have the right to receive hard or electronic copies of voter lists of voters included in the National Voter Register, broken down by marzes and communities, or, in case of elections, also by precincts, within three days of applying to the Authorized agency or its appropriate division, for a fee established by the Government of the Republic of Armenia. The aforementioned lists shall met the voter list requirements set out in Article 11 (2) of this Code.

4. Forty days before the voting day, the heads of institutions in charge of precinct center premises shall post the voter lists in a place visible for everyone in the precinct center.

5. It is compulsory that voter lists posted in precinct centers be accompanied by announcements about the place and deadline for submitting applications concerning errors in the lists, and the procedures, timeframe and conditions for reviewing such applications.

6. Chairmen of Precinct Electoral Commissions shall post the final version of voter lists, including the supplementary lists, in a place visible for everyone in precinct centers two day before the voting day. The lists shall remain posted in precinct centers until the day of termination of Precinct Electoral Commissions’ authority.

7. Voter lists of voters registered in military units shall be posted in a place visible for military servicemen in military units ten days before the voting day.

8. The Authorized Agency or its appropriate divisions shall send written notifications to voters, informing them of the day, place and time of the voting, no later than 3 days before the voting day.