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Article 69

Equality of Registered Candidates and Referendum Campaign Groups.

All of the registered candidates and campaign groups on referendum shall have equal rights and responsibilities, provided their statuses taken into account.

Registered candidates, the authorized representatives of campaign groups on referendum working in state bodies or municipal organizations or in mass media on the legal basis of labour and civil contract shall be released from their employment during the participation in election (referendum) campaign (this rule shall no be applicable to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, deputies of the Milli Majlis and municipality members). The approved copy of the relevant order (statement) shall be submitted to the election commission who registered them, at the latest within 3 days from the day of registration. They shall be prohibited to abuse their authorities and service positions to gain benefit or privileges.

The registered candidates who fulfil their duties working in state positions, the initiators of campaign groups on referendum, as well as the registered candidates and initiators of establishing of campaign groups on referendum who are the municipal officials shall be prohibited to abuse their positions of authority to gain privileges.

Cases of violation of the equality principles as a result of getting privileges by abusing the authorities and service position shall be determined by Article 55.2. of this Code.

The registered candidate, the initiators of establishing of campaign groups on referendum who occupy state positions, as well as the initiators of establishing of  campaign groups on referendum, which hold municipal positions, shall have the right to conduct pre-election (pre-referendum) campaign, when they are released from the fulfilment of their duties. According to Article 81 of this Code the free usage of TV and radio programs by registered candidates and registered campaign groups on referendum shall not be regulated by these rules.

If the officials, journalists working in TV and mass media, or creative persons are registered candidates, the initiators of campaign groups on referendum or the agents authorized representatives of the registered candidates, political parties, blocks of political parties, campaign groups of on referendum, they shall be prohibited to participate in covering the elections (referendum) by means of mass media.

Observation of limitation specified in Articles 69.3-69.5 of this Code should not impede deputies of the Milli Majlis and municipal members to perform their authorities and duties before voters.

The following persons shall not be permitted to conduct charity activities:

Registered candidates, political parties and blocks of political parties,

The relevant agents and authorized representatives of political parties, blocks of political parties and campaign groups on referendum,

The agents of registered candidates,

The initiators establishing campaign groups on referendum,

Organizations, which are founders, owners, members or employees of the abovementioned persons.

Other physical or legal entities who function due to the instruction of the abovementioned persons ororganizations


The aforementioned persons and organizations shall be prohibited to apply to legal entities and individuals and voters for proposals to render material, financial or other services. The legal and physical entities shall be prohibited to conduct charity activity in support and on behalf of the candidates, registered candidates, political party, block of political parties, members of campaign group on referendum, their authorized representatives and agents.

State funds allocated to election funds of registered candidates and referendum campaign groups shall be equally distributed by the Central Election Commission and transferred to the relevant accounts within 3 days. In such case, equal amounts of the funds shall be separately identified for the referendum campaign groups registered with the Central Election Commission and Constituency Election Commission.