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Article 105

Voting Outside the Voting Room.

105.1.  The Precinct Election Commission should create possibilities to all voters, including those who cannot come to the voting room because of the state of health. A mobile box for this purpose should be available in election precinct.

105.2.  The number of voters’ requests for voting outside the voting room shall be verified by the Constituency Election Commission, at least 2 days before the voting day. The intention of a voter to vote outside the voting room should be confirmed again by his written application to be sent to the Precinct Election Commission, in the presence of not less than 2 members of the Precinct Election Commissions, which represent various political parties and non-partisans and observers. If a voter did not make a written request for a mobile ballot box, he/she should make an application in the presence of Precinct Election Commission members. In such case, serial and batch numbers of the identification card or other substitute document of the voter shall be indicated in the application. The voter shall record the receipt of his/her ballot paper in the request and verify this with his/her signature.

105.3.  The mobile ballot box shall be used only on the voting day. Members of Precinct Election Commission who accompany the mobile ballot box should take the number of ballot papers equal to the number of requests (applications) (3 ballot papers shall be added to this number). The number of used and returned ballot papers from voters requesting a mobile ballot box should be recorded in a separate document. At the same time, the voters voting using the mobile ballot box shall be marked on the voters list by a member of the Precinct Election Commission. After the mobile ballot box is returned by the Precinct Election Commission members to the voting station, it shall not be opened until vote counting commences, and its slit shall be closed and sealed.

105.4.  The mobile ballot box voting should be organized so that there are no violations of the voter’s right to vote or the requirements for a secret ballot and not influencing the voter’s choice.