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Article 146

Nomination of Candidates to Single-Mandate Constituencies.

146.1   Political parties, blocks of political parties, citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan having suffrage and permanently residing in a constituency can nominate candidates to a single-mandate constituency pursuant to Article 53 and 54 of this Code.

146.2   Candidates for repeat elections to a single-mandate constituency shall be nominated after official publication of determination of the elections.

146.3   Candidates for by-elections on a single-mandate constituency shall be nominated after the period indicated in Article 145.4 of this Code.

146.4   A candidate nominated by voters can agree on his nomination only for one single-mandate constituency.

146.5   If the formation of a Constituency Election Commission has not come to the end before the nomination of candidates, notification on nomination of the candidate, applications of the relevant candidates about their consent and other documents shall be sent to the Central Election Commission. The Central Election Commission shall submit the documents to the Constituency Election Commission after its complete formation and election of its chairperson.