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Article 171

Checking and Approval of Outcomes of Elections to the Milli Majlis.

171.1   In accordance with Article 86 of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the outcomes of elections shall be checked and approved by the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

171.2   At latest 20 days after the Election Day, the Central Election Commission shall check protocols (along with documents attached thereto according to this Code) of Constituency Election Commissions and submit to the Constitutional Court within 48 hours.

171.3   After the Constitutional Court receives the aforementioned documents, it shall involve relevant specialists and check within a 10-day period  if the documents meet the requirements of this Code. The Constitutional Court can, upon its own decision prolong this period, if so required for the checking process.

171.4   If the protocols of the Constituency Election Commissions meet the requirements of this Code, then the Constitutional Court shall approve the results of elections. Such resolution of the Constitutional Court shall be final.

171.5   If the results of elections are not completely approved, the Constitutional Court shall adopt a decision about it and new elections be assigned in accordance with Article 145 of this Code.