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Article 50

Preparation for Voting


1. Voting shall be prepared by Precinct Electoral Commissions.

2. Ballots, ballot envelopes and stamp package shall be kept in a special fire-proof safe box in the voting room.

3. Chairmen of Precinct Electoral Commissions shall be required to ensure compliance with the requirements of this Code and establish proper rule and order at precinct centers during the voting.

4. Desks for voter registration, handing out ballots and ballot envelopes to voters and stamping the ballot envelopes shall be provided in precinct centers.

5. Ballot boxes and commission members’ desks shall be placed in a place visible to all those who have the right to be present at the precinct center.

6. Sample ballots shall be displayed either at precinct centers or at their entrances.

7. Posters displaying pictures of presidential candidates and their brief biography and, in the event of National Assembly elections under proportional system, electoral lists of parties and party alliances running in the election shall be posted in a visible place in precinct centers on the voting day.