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Article 216

Registration of a Candidate for Membership of Municipality.

216.1   Candidates for membership of municipality shall be registered according to the rules mentioned in Article 60 of this Code.

216.2   It shall be not allowed for one person to get registered for a member of more than one municipality.

216.3   If the rules mentioned in Article 214.5 of this Code have been violated, the candidate’s previous registration shall be considered to be valid, and the decision on registration that had been made relatively late is cancelled with the decision of relevant Constituency Election Commission.

216.4   The activities of registered candidates for member of municipality shall be regulated by Articles 69-71 of this Code.

216.5   A list of registered candidates for municipalities shall be published by the relevant election commission at least 55 days prior to the voting day, in the periodicals specified in Articles 77.3 and 77.4 of this Code.