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Article 61

Precinct Electoral Commission’s Protocol on Voting Results


1. Based on calculations made in accordance with procedures set out in Article 60 of this Code, the Precinct Electoral Commission shall prepare a protocol on precinct voting results, which shall include the following:

1) the number of participating voters (B) (put the number of signatures of the voters who registered and received ballots);

1.1) Revoked.

2) the number of ballots allocated to the Precinct Electoral Commission (A) and the ballot stub numbers (filled by the Territorial Electoral Commission);

2.1) Revoked. the total number of ballots cancelled in the Precinct Electoral Commission(C);

3) Revoked.

4) the number of invalid ballots (d2);

5) the number of used ballot stubs (E);

6) the number of ballots cast for each candidate, party and party alliance;

7) the number of ballots cast against the candidate (this line is filled if only one candidate is running);

8) the number of valid ballots (d1) (equals the sum total of ballots cast for the candidates, parties, party alliances), (if only one candidate is running, equals the sum total of the ballots cast for and against the candidate);

9.1) the number of ballot envelopes of established specimen (F) in the ballot box;

9) Revoked.

10) Revoked.

2. The protocol shall be signed by all commission members present at the session and stamped by the Commission Chairman.

3. If any commission member has a special opinion about the data in the protocol, he or she shall present his/her opinion in writing, which shall be attached to the protocol, and he or she shall make a note next to his/her signature to that effect.

4. If a commission member refuses to sign the protocol, the protocol shall include a note about that.

5. The Precinct Electoral Commission’s session may not be interrupted from the moment the voting is over until a protocol on precinct voting results is prepared.

6. The commission shall complete the protocol at the end of the session, but no later than 10 hours after the end of the voting, and the Commission Chairman shall make public the protocol on precinct voting results.

7. The protocol shall be made in four copies. One copy shall be packaged with documents used as a basis for the protocol, the package shall be stamped and placed in a special sack, which is numbered in advance and which may not be reused once it is opened.

Another copy of the protocol shall be posted at the precinct center in a clearly visible place, immediately upon completing the steps described in this Article, but no later than before removing the documents and the sealed package referred to in this paragraph from the precinct center. The package and the sack shall bear signatures of three commission members; other commission members and proxies shall also have the right to sign on the packages, which shall be duly recorded in the commission’s register.

8. An excerpt from the protocol on the number of people who participated in the voting in the precinct, as well as from the protocol on precinct voting results, shall be provided to the proxies of candidates, parties and party alliances, commission members or observers, at their request; the excerpts shall be endorsed by the signatures of the Commission Chairman (Deputy Chairman) and the Secretary, and bear the Commission’s stamp.

9. The Precinct Electoral Commission’s Chairman and Secretary shall submit the electoral documents, the package of unused ballot envelopes, packaged and bagged as required by Articles 60 and 61 of this Code, two copies of the protocol on voting results, the register and the stamp to the appropriate Territorial Electoral Commission, in accordance with procedures defined by the Central Electoral Commission, within no more than 12 hours of the end of the voting.

10. The formats of the protocol on precinct voting results and the excerpts from the protocols shall be approved by the Central Electoral Commission.