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Article 235

Ballot Papers During Municipal Elections.

235.1   Ballot papers for conduct of municipal elections shall be prepared in accordance with the rule established by Article 99 of this Code.

235.2   Separate ballot papers shall be prepared for each municipality election.

235.3   It shall be indicated in the heading of the ballot paper what municipal election it is intended to be used for.

A ballot paper for municipality elections should contain the following information on the candidates for member of a municipality:

surname, name, patronymic, pseudonym;

date of birth;


main working or serving place (if he/she does not have them - type of activity);

who has nominated the candidate

The ballot paper should contain the short name of the party of a candidate for membership of a municipality who has been registered in accordance with the Article 54 of this Code.

Party affiliation of a candidate for membership of a municipality, registered in accordance with the Article 53 of this Code, can be indicated by his/her will.

An empty square shall be placed at the right hand side of the candidate’s surname, in the ballot paper.