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Article 15.07

Every candidate standing for elected office at the level of Bosnia and Herzegovina or the Entity level shall be obliged, no later than fifteen (15) days from the day of accepting candidacy for the elections, to submit to the Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on a special form, a signed statement on his or her total property situation, containing:


current income and sources of income, including all incomes, wages, profit from property, contributions as defined in Article 14.1 of this law, account receivables and other incomes realised in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad for a period of the past twelve (12) months;

property, including money, bank accounts, business documentation, shares, securities, bonds, real property, personal property, occupancy right and other property and possessions which exceed five thousand (5,000) convertible marks, in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad; and

disbursements and other liabilities, including all debts, liabilities, promissory notes, loans and guarantees of such liabilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad.


The statement should include the property situation of the candidates and close members of his or her family: spouse, children and members of the family household whom it is the candidate’s legal obligation to sustain.