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Article 53

Ballot procedure

Each person shall vote personally. Voting instead of other persons is not allowed. The electoral committee of the polling station hands in to the voter the ballot paper, according to the electoral list, only after the latter presents the identity act. After having received the ballot paper, the person shall sign in the electoral list where his name is indicated.

The voters from the area of the polling station who are not included in the electoral lists shall be included in an additional list after presenting a document certifying their legal residence located in the area of the respective polling station. The voters who came to the polling station with a certificate confirming the eligibility to vote shall be also included in the additional list. This certificate shall be kept by the polling station and is attached to the additional list. Voters who have not been included in the electoral lists drawn up by polling stations formed outside the territory of the Republic of Moldova may be included in the additional lists which shall contain the following:

name and surname of the voter;

date and place of birth;

last place of residence in the Republic of Moldova.                                               

[Paragraph 2, article 53 as amended by the Law no.1439-XIV from 28.12.2000]

[Paragraph 2, article 47 as amended by the Law no.268-XIV from 04.02.1999]


The chairman and members of the electoral committee of the polling station shall vote in the station where they unfold the activity, and if necessary, after being included in the additional list based on the certificate for vote.

The chairman of the electoral committee of the polling station shall keep record of all-important events, which took place during the ballot and while counting the number of votes. Upon the request of the committee members or of persons authorized to assist the electoral procedure, the chairman shall note the comments and objections expressed with regard to the ballot procedure in a document that is attached to the reports of the electoral committee of the polling station.