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Article 54

Procedure of filling in the ballot paper

The voter shall fill in the ballot paper only in the room for secret ballot. The voter who is not capable to personally fill in is entitled to invite another person in the ballot room, except for representative members of the electoral competitors as well as persons authorized at the electoral procedure.

The voter shall apply the stamp with the word “Voted” in the internal part of the circle of one single quadrilateral of the ballot paper, which means that the person has given the vote to the respective electoral competitor. Circles from of other quadrilaterals shall remain clean.

No ballot paper may be taken out of the premises of the polling station.

A voter may give the vote for one electoral competitor only.

Before the voter introduces the ballot paper in the ballot box, one of the electoral committee polling station members who are permanently near the ballot box shall apply on the verso of the ballot paper the special stamp of the electoral committee of the polling station.

In case the voter filled in erroneously in the ballot paper, the electoral committee of the polling station shall annul upon request this ballot paper and hand in immediately another, but only once. This shall be mentioned in the report on the ballot and in the electoral list.

The voter shall introduce the filled in ballot paper into the ballot box.

 [Article 54 as amended by the Law no.796-XV from 25.01.2002]

 [Article 54 as amended by the Law no.894-XIV from 23.03.2000]