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Article 60

Elections’ results totalization by the Central Elections Commission

In case of nation-wide parliamentary, local elections and of republican referendum, the Central Elections Commission, based on the documents submitted by the district electoral councils, shall draw up, within 5 days a protocol comprising:

the number of voters included in the electoral lists;

the number of voters included in the additional lists;

the number of voters who were delivered ballot papers;

the number of voters that took part in the elections;

the number of ballot papers declared invalid;

the number of validly expressed votes for each candidate (for each option regarding the questions subjected to republican referendum).

the total number of validly expressed votes;

[Paragraph 1, article 60 as amended by the Law no.1227-XIV from 21.09.2000]

[Entry g) introduced by the Law no.268-XIV from 04.02.1999]


Central Elections Commission shall record the totalization of all nation-wide voting results in a protocol signed by all commission’s members and shall draw up a report regarding the results of elections.

The documents mentioned in paragraph (2) shall be submitted, if the case, to the Constitutional Court in order to confirm the results of elections and to validate the mandates.