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Article 67

Nomination of Presidential Candidates by Parties

1. A party shall nominate a presidential candidate by the decision of its permanently functioning body. Each party has the right to nominate one presidential candidate.

2. Party alliances may support the same presidential candidate.

3. Revoked.

4. Revoked.

5. Revoked.

6. Revoked.

7. The decision of a permanently functioning body of a party and parties-members of an alliance on nominating a presidential candidate shall contain the following information about the candidate they want to nominate:

1) last name, first name and patronymic;

2) the year, month and day of birth;

3) place of residence;

4) place of work and position (occupation);

5) party affiliation;

6) passport number;

7) Revoked

8. Together with the party’s decision on nominating a presidential candidate, the nominating party shall also submit to the Central Electoral Commission its charter;

9. The permanently functioning body of the party shall submit information on one authorized representative (last name, first name, patronymic, date of birth, passport number, place of work and position (occupation)) to be registered at the Central Electoral Commission.

10. The party shall submit the documents on presidential candidate nomination, specified in Paragraph 7 of this Article, and information on authorized representatives to the Central Electoral Commission within the timeframe set in Paragraph 1 of Article 89 of this Code.

11. Revoked