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Article 68

Self-Nomination of Presidential Candidates


1. The citizen self-nominated for Presidential Elections by self-nomination shall submit a nomination application to the Central Electoral Commission within a deadline established by point 1 of the Article 89 of this Code.

The self-nomination application shall contain the following data on the nominee:

1) surname, name, patronymic,

2) year, month and date of birth,

3) place of residence,

4) place of work and title (occupation),

5) party affiliation,

6) passport number,

7) signature and submission date.

The candidate shall attach to the self-nomination application documents referred to under the point 2 of the Article 72 of this Code and powers of attorney of his/her two authorized representatives containing data referred to under point 9 of the Article 67 of this Code.

2. The citizen nominated to run for Presidential Elections shall submit the aforementioned documents in person or through his/her authorized representative.

3. The self-nomination application form shall be established by the Central Electoral Commission.