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Paragraph 32

Amendment 22 intends to introduce a safeguard against possible misuse on election day of the voter cards, which are issued to voters to prove their inclusion in the Voter List (Art. 46.2). The amendment provides for the PEC member issuing the envelope and ballot paper(s) to the voter to stamp his/her voter’s card with a special seal, which indicates the voting date. Such a measure could be meaningful only if the printing and distribution of the voter’s cards is subject to strong control and accountability. As it now stands, the procedure is not an effective alternative to the reintroduction of the provision on inking voters’ fingers as has been previously suggested by OSCE/ODIHR and the Venice Commission (Joint Final Assessment, CDL-AD(2003)015, para. 42).


23.     To add the words “and observers” after the words “of two members” in Article 106.7.