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Article 13

Establishment of precincts and precinct electoral commissions


(1) To conduct the voting and count the votes, the electoral constituencies will be divided into precincts.

(2) The precincts will be established by district electoral commissions on administrative and territorial principles based on the recommendation of the mayors of villages (communes) and towns (cities) no later than 30 days before elections. Each precinct will have no less than 3,000 voters.

(3) Precincts may be established at hospitals, san-atriums, maternities, asylums for elderly and dormitories. They must have at least 30 voters.

(4) Those in the military will vote at the general precincts where the military units are located.

(5) Precincts will be formed at Moldovan diplomatic and consular missions for the workers of these representatives and the members of their families, as well as for the Moldovan citizens travelling to these countries, regardless of their number. These precincts shall belong to the Chisinau Electoral Constituency.

(6) The district commission shall number its precincts and provide information about the decisions of each precinct commission, their address, the place where the polling station will be located and a telephone number for additional information.

(7) The precincts will be numbered in alphabetical order in the locality where the district commission is situated and continue with the ones in towns, villages and communes.

(8) The municipal government will provide data, information and the necessary assistance to precinct commissions to ensure a proper fulfilment by the latter of their duties stipulated in this Law.

(9) The precinct commissions will be formed no later than 20 days before the election with the following membership: a chairman, a vice chairman, a secretary and 5 members.

(10) The chairmen of precinct commissions, at the proposal of villages, communes, towns, city councils (or the mayor in the event the council has not been established), shall be confirmed by the district commission within 5 days of the day of the formation of the precinct.

(11) The members of the precinct electoral commissions will be appointed by a vote of the village, commune, town, city council (or the mayor in the event the council has not been established), within 10 days of the formation of the precinct.

(12) The precinct electoral commission will elect, within 3 days of its formation, a vice chairman and a secretary of the commission from among its members and will immediately notify the district commission.

(13) At diplomatic missions and consulates, a chairman and the secretary of the precinct shall be elected to conduct the voting. At diplomatic missions and consulates with less than 3 workers the voting will be done by diplomatic mail. The ballots must be sent to the Central Electoral Commission by election day.

(14) Candidates for the President of Moldova, registered in the method established by this Law, may appoint 1 representative in the precinct electoral commissions within 3 days of the formation of the commission who will participate in the activity of the commission with a consultative vote.

(15) Under the provisions of this Law the Central Electoral Commission may form precinct commissions as well as precincts in any other places.

(16) The members of the electoral commission may not be councillors in Local Councils, affiliated with any party or social-political organization or be related by blood or by law to the candidate.