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Article 27

Organization of voting

(1) Voting shall be carried out at specially equipped places with offices for ballot issue, voting booths or rooms for secret voting and voting boxes which must be placed in such a way that to approach them the voters shall go through the voting booths to vote in secret.

(2) Precinct commissions shall be responsible for the organization of the voting, secret expression of voters wills, equipping of premises and maintenance of order at polling stations.

(3) On the day of the election, before starting the voting, the voting boxes shall be checked and sealed by the chairman of the precinct electoral commission in the presence of all members of the commission.

(4) Every voter votes in person. Voting for other individuals is not allowed. The precinct electoral commission shall hand ballots to voters based on the voter list upon presentation of a form of identification. Voters shall confirm having received of the ballot by signing the voter roll.