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Article 20

Voters List aAnd Rules fFor iIts Compilation

20.1 The Precinct Election Commission prepares the voters list in accordance with information provided by the relevant executive bodies.

20.2 Information on registered voters is corrected by the relevant executive bodies periodically according to information available as at January 1 and July 1. The relevant executive body sends information on voters to the PEC at least 40 days prior to election day.

20.3 The voters lists are prepared according to voters’ addresses, in alphabetical or other orders (settlements, streets, houses).

20.4 The voters lists contain the voter’s name, surname, father’s name, year of birth (for voters 18 years old - date and month of birth) and address.

20.5 Voters lists of military persons who serve in a military unit’s settlement, their family members and other voters who live in the military settlement are prepared by the commander of the military unit in accordance with the rules and periods defined by this law. 20.6 Military persons who live outside of the military unit’s settlement are included in the general list of voters. Lists of voters in sanatoriums, rest homes, hospitals, and other places where voters are placed temporarily are made by the directors of the above mentioned organizations.

20.67 Three copies of the voters list are prepared in accordance with the format approved by the Central Election Commission, and are signed by the chairperson and secretary of the Precinct Election Commission. 2 copies of the voters list are kept in the Precinct Election Commission. The third copy is sent to the relevant Territorial Election Commission at least 16 days prior to election day.