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Article 21

Rule for Inclusion of Citizens in the Voters List

21.1 Citizens of the Republic of AzerbaijanAzerbaijan Republic who are 18 years old or over and are eligible to vote are included in the voters list, according to the 56th article of the Constitution of the Republic of AzerbaijanAzerbaijan Republic.

21.2 In accordance with the law that defines the right to freely choose a place of living and which defines freedoms, the fact that a voter is living in a particular precinct is sufficient basis for including the voter on the voters list for that precinct.

21.3 A voter must be included in one voters list only.

The relevant election commissions commissions, within the limits of their powers, control the process to ensure each voter is included in only one precinct voters list.

21.54 Voters in sanatoriums, rest homesuses, hospitals and other places where people are temporarily placedplaced are included in the list for the place where they are temporarily located at that time along with the voters who are living within that precinct.

21.5 Undergraduate and post-graduate students are included in the voters lists for the hostels in which they are living

21.66 Voters lists are approved by the Precinct Election Commissions at least 30 days prior to election day. If, for some reason, a voter discovers after familiarising him/herself with the voters list that he/she is not included in the list for the place where he/she lives, he/she is included in a supplementary list by the Precinct Election Commission after he/she presents an his/her passport and the official document (passport or ID) proving his/her place of living and identity.