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Article 23

Right to Nnominate a Ccandidate for Member of a Municipality Council

23.1 Each citizen of the Republic of AzerbaijanAzerbaijan Republic who has the right to vote and who lives permanently in the relevant territory can, in accordance with the requirements of this law, nominate his/her candidate for member of athe municipality Municipal Council.

23.2 Persons who live in the relevant territory can be nominated asC candidates for member of election to a municipality Municipal Council are nominated by local branches of political parties registered according to the law of the Azerbaijan Republic and initiative groups of voters, in accordance with the requirements of this law. An initiative group of voters can not nominate a number of candidates which is equal to the number of vacancies to be filled. more than 1 candidate in the relevant electoral area.

23.3 A voter cannot nominate candidates from different initiative groups of voters. If this rule is violated, the nominated candidates will not be registered.