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Article 26

Registration of Candidates for a Municipal Council

26.1 After the Territorial Election Commission receives all necessary documents, it checks whether those documents fulfil the requirements of this law within 3 days of their receipt. At least 25 days prior to election day the Territorial Election Commission must decide whether to register the candidate or reject the application to register him/her.

26.2 At least 24 days prior to election day the Territorial Election Commissions announces the list of candidates for member of the municipality.

26.3 The date of candidate registration is the commencement date for the election campaign. The election campaign of the candidates starts from the date they are registered.

26.43 A The candidate can be refused registration ’s registration can be refused if the requirements of the legislation are not met.

26.5 4 A decision by the Territorial Election Commission to refuse the registration of a candidate must be based on evidence. A person who applies to be registered as a candidate for member of a municipality is informed about this decision. Complaints may be filed about a candidate registration or refusal of registration with the relevant court within a 48 hours period after such a decision is made. This complaint should be examined within 2 days and a decision made by the relevant court.

26. 65 The Territorial Election Commission gives each registered candidate a card, which contains a date of issue and period for which the card is valid issued.