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Article 83

Summarization of Election Results


1. The Central Electoral Commission shall summarize the election results in accordance procedures set out in Article 63.2 of this Code and adopt one of the following decisions within the timeframe set in Paragraph 3 of Article 63.2 of this Code:

1) on electing the President of the Republic of Armenia;

2) on holding a second round of voting;

3) on declaring the elections invalid and not electing the President;

4) on declaring the elections failed and not electing the President.

If none of the above decisions is taken in accordance with procedures defined by this Code, then the decision, for which the largest number of commission members have voted, shall be considered taken. In the case if the number of votes is equal, the Commission Chairman shall have the decisive vote.

2. Disputes related to the presidential election results may be brought before the Constitutional Court within seven days of official announcement of election results.