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Article 101

Registration of Electoral Lists of Parties Running in the National Assembly Elections under Proportional System


1. The party’s (party alliance’s) electoral list shall be registered, if the party submits the following, within the timeframe and in accordance with procedures established by this Code:

1) receipt proving that electoral deposit in the amount of 2,500 times the minimum wage has been paid;

2) document certifying that candidates included in the party (party alliance) list have been citizens of the Republic of Armenia for the past five years;

3) document certifying that candidates included in the party (party alliance) list have permanently resided in the Republic of Armenia for the past five years;

4) declarations of property and income of citizens nominated as candidates, in accordance with procedures defined by the Republic of Armenia Law on “Declaration of Property and Income by Senior Public Officials of the Republic of Armenia.”

The formats of the documents certifying that the candidate is a citizen of the Republic of Armenia and has permanently resided in the Republic of Armenia shall be established by the Central Electoral Commission. Such documents shall be issued by an authorized body upon written request of the citizen nominated as a candidate within three days after the submission of such request.

The authorized body shall be in a position to refuse to issue the aforementioned document to the applicant if the information provided by the applicant does not comply with requirements set forth under the sub-points 2 and 3 of the point 1 of this Article.

2. In the case of an objection to registration of a party (party alliance) list, the issue of registration shall be put to a vote. If there are no objections, the list shall be considered registered. Registration of a party (party alliance) list shall be refused, if at least twothirds of the total number of commission members vote against it.

3. Authorised representative of a political party (or party alliance) may be present at a session of the electoral commission at which the registration of the electoral list of this party (party alliance) is discussed.

4. If a political party (party alliance) that submitted an application to be registered for parliamentary elections withdraws its application before the registration of such party’s (party alliance’s) candidate list, the election deposit shall be returned to the political party; if the deposit was paid from the pre-election fund, such deposit shall be transferred to the [party’s] pre-election fund.