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Article 133

Summarization of Community Leader Election Results


1. Based on summary protocols on voting results in community leader elections, the Territorial Electoral Commission shall summarize the election results and adopt one of the following decisions in accordance with procedures and the timeframe set in Article 63.1 of this Code:

1) on electing the community leader;

2) on declaring the community leader elections invalid;

3) on declaring the community leader elections failed.

2. The candidate, for whom the largest number of voters has voted, shall be considered elected as the community leader. If only one candidate is running, he/she shall be elected, if more than half of the voters, who participated in the voting, have voted for him/her. If two or more candidates received an equal maximum number of ballots, then the winner shall be decided by drawing a lot among them, in accordance with procedures defined by the Central Electoral Commission.

3. Community leader elections shall be considered invalid, if:

1) the amount of inaccuracies is greater than or equal to the difference between the numbers of ballots cast for the two candidates who received the highest number of ballots cast for them, or, in the case of only one candidate running in the election, the difference between the ballots cast for and against that candidate, which significantly affects the election results, i.e. it is impossible to reestablish the real results of the election and determine the winning candidate;

2) if violations of this Code have occurred in the process of preparation and conduct of

the elections that may have affected the outcome of elections.

4. Community leader elections shall be considered failed, if:

1) the only candidate running failed to get the necessary number of voters to vote for him/her;

1.1) no candidate was nominated or registered within the timeframe and in accordance with procedures defined by this Code;

2) the candidate, who received the highest number of ballots cast for him/her, dies before the election results are summarized;

3) grounds to invalidate the community leader election exist as a result of re-voting.

5. Within two hours of adopting a decision on community leader election results, the Territorial Electoral Commission Chairman shall send a report to the Central Electoral Commission and the appropriate marzpet (governor).

6. The Territorial Electoral Commission’s decision on the community leader election results may be appealed in a procedure and timeframes set forth by the Republic of Armenia Administrative Procedure Code.

7. If the community leader elections are considered invalid, re-voting among the same candidates shall take place 21 days after the voting day.

8. Re-voting between same candidates may take place only once.