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Article 28

The Procedure for Marking In the Ballot


1. If the participant of the voting votes for he/she marks next to words “I am for” in the ballot, if he/she votes against - marks next to of the words "I am against".


2. Citizens, who are unable to fill in the ballot independently, have the right to invite another person into the voting booth, who shall not be a representative of accredited mass media, an observer and a commission member. Except for the above-mentioned case, the presence of other persons in the voting booth while filling in the ballot is prohibited.

3. The voter comes out of the voting booth with his filled-out ballot folder four times and approaches the ballot box. The person responsible for the ballot box opens the ballot box slot and allows the voter to drop his/her ballot paper into the ballot box.


4. It is forbidden to take the ballot outside of the precinct center.