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Article 31

The Procedure for Summarizing the Results of Voting Determining the Number of Inaccuracies In the Polling Station


1. The Chairman of the Precinct Electoral Commission bans the access of voters to the precinct center at 20:00 p.m., enables the voters at the precinct center to vote, closes the ballot box slot, invites asks all the persons not entitled to attend the sessions of the Precinct Electoral Commission out, and closes the precinct center. After these steps are performed the Precinct Electoral Commission starts the session for summarization of the voting results. For that purpose:

a) Counts, cancels and seals according to the procedure defined by Central Commission the unused, wrongly marked and returned ballots.

b) Counts the total number of the participated voters on the basis of the lists.

c) Counts the number of participated voters, that received ballots, on the basis of signatures in the list and seals the mentioned list.

d) Opens the ballot box


2. The chairman takes out one ballot from the ballot box, announces the inappropriate ballot, validity or invalidity of the ballot and in the case of validity also weather it is voter “for” or “against” the issue submitted to referendum. Upon a request the ballot shall be passed to the other members of commission. In case if the member disagrees with the chairman he makes an objection. The objection shall be submitted to voting. In the case of objection the decision is made by the result of the voting, and in case of no objection the chairman puts the ballot in the ballot pile of “for”, “against” or “invalid” according to his/her announcement, and reveals the next ballot from the ballot box. The same action is repeated for all ballots in the ballot box. During these actions the commission members are banned from making marks on the ballots, as well as having pencils, pens or other objects for making notes.


3. After assortment of all ballots available in the ballot box the chairman, in the presence of the commission members, counts the ballots recognized as invalid, the ballots voted “for”, the ballots voted “against” one by one. Based on the results the number of the invalid ballots, the ballots voted” for”, the ballots voted “against” is counted. The counted and sorted ballots are packed and sealed according to procedure defined by the Central Commission.


4. The precinct commission, based on the summary precinct protocol, compiles a protocol on the number of inaccuracies. The commission determines the number of inaccuracies by comparing the number of the signatures in the list. The difference with the total number of the ballots in the ballot box is considered as the number of inaccuracies.


5. Each action stipulated in third and fourth points of this article shall be conducted in the priority mentioned, each one after the previous one is accomplished and the appropriate protocol is complied. A separate protocol is complied on each of the actions, with the signatures of all present members and in two copies, one of which is packed and sealed with the documents considered as basis.


6. Simultaneously, in case of drafts on two or more issues being submitted to referendum, the summarization of voting result for each is implemented separately.