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Paragraph 58

 In order to nominate a candidate, the documents must contain inter alia the candidate’s profession (occupation), function and job (Articles 48 (2) and 51 (5), 55), biography of the candidate (Article 51 (1) (c)), income declaration of candidate for the last two years before the year of elections, as well as sources of income (Article 51 (1) (e)) and medical certificate of candidate issued by a medical institution where he is registered (Article 51 (1) (f)). For the fundamental right to stand in the elections, the formalities to be registered should be minimised and information asked have a legitimate reason. The information mentioned does not have such a reason. There is no possibility to refuse the registration of a candidate based on that information. It is up to the citizens having the right to vote to select the best candidate for the governor’s post. The information listed above may have an impact on the decision by voters, but the law should not oblige the candidates to provide information to the electorate. It should be suggested to amend the Law and not ask the above-mentioned information from the candidates in order to be registered.