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Paragraph 10

 Article 54.7 was also modified by the 17 November amendments: “The voter places into the ballot-box the ballot with the stamp “Voted”. The detached counterfoil of the ballot, with the stamp “Voted” is placed in another box, destined for counterfoils.” In art.54.7 as previously formulated, the polling station member should keep the counterfoil and the voter should drop the ballot in the ballot box. According to the amended provisions, the voter places the ballot into the ballot box and the counterfoil is placed in another box determined for that usage. The paragraph has changed from an active sentence giving the responsibility to the polling station member to keep the counterfoil, to a passive sentence which could mean both that the voter drops the counterfoil or alternatively that the polling station member does. This adds an unnecessary ambiguity to a procedure which has already been rather controversial. It is advisable that the provisions make it clear that the voter shall also place the counterfoil into the specific box.