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Article 100

Presentation of Voters in the Voting Center

After entering the voting center, the voter states his name and presents to the VCC an identity document with a photograph issued by the civil status office or another identity document as determined by a CEC decision.

After verifying that the identity document is correct, the chairman strikes the name of the voter; the voter signs the voter list beside his name; the ballot paper is signed according to the rules provided in article 91 of this Code, and the secretary places the seal of the VCC on the back of the ballot and gives it to the voter.

If a voter is not provided with a ballot pursuant to point 2 of this article, the incident is recorded in the official record, detailing the name of the person, the identification number and any other relevant information.

If a representative of a candidate or a member of the VCC questions the identity of a voter who has been provided with a ballot, the incident is included in the official record detailing the person who made the objection, the reasons for the objection, the name and identification number of the voter and the reasons why the chairman of the VCC provided that person with a ballot.

After the voter takes the ballot paper, he is marked on the left hand with a special ink by one of the VCC members, in order to avoid persons voting more than once.

When a voter, who is not registered in the final voter list but has obtained a court decision recognizing his right to vote in that polling unit, appears before the VCC, then the commission registers the voter with a special number in a special register. Procedures and manners of registration of these voters are established by a CEC instruction.