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Article 103

A Voter who Cannot Vote Himself

A voter who, for physical reasons, is unable to complete the voting procedures himself, may request the help of a family member or another voter who is on the list of voters for that polling unit.  Both voters must be present in the voting center when this procedure is used.

A person may help only one voter who cannot vote himself.

Before marking the ballot, a person who assists another voter makes a declaration in the official record that he will vote as instructed, will not influence the voter’s decision,  will not make public the vote and has not assisted any other voter.

Members of the election commissions may not help voters who are unable to vote themselves.

The mark on the ballot must be made in the closed voting booth.

The voters contemplated in section 1 of this article have the right to request of the LGEC their registration as voters who cannot vote themselves. The request for registration shall be accompanied by official documentation that proves the type and category of disability. The LGEC puts an indication beside the voter’s name on the voter list of the voting center.

When establishing the voting centers, the ZEC or the LGEC must take into consideration cases of obstacles for voters who cannot vote themselves.

In every case when there are voters registered according to section 6 of this article, who have difficulties accessing the environment of a voting center, the determination of the voting center and its organization are made in a manner that guarantees free access for this category of voters.

In voting centers where blind voters are registered, the VCC may be supplied with special voting devices, which allow the voters to read or understand the ballot paper and vote independently. The blind voter shall be informed by the VCC of the manner of voting with special voting devices and shall be supplied with them upon his request.