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Article 110

Declaration of Results

No later than two days after the date of the elections, the LGEC or the ZEC, in the presence of the commission members, representatives of the electoral subjects and accredited Albanian and foreign observers, performs the following tasks and declares the results of the elections:

The chairman of the commission ensures that each ballot box is accounted for;

The ballot boxes are opened one at a time, checking whether the seal is the same seal recorded in the official records and whether each of the boxes contains the original copy of the tabulations, the decisions of the VCC together with the minority opinions about the tabulation of results of the voting center and the validity of the ballots, the envelopes with the ballots, as well as the stubs.  The original copy of the tabulation is removed from the box.

Each member of the commission may examine the official records.

            ç)   Ballots may not be examined, removed from the box or counted, except in the                     cases contemplated in articles 111 and 157 of this Code;

The ballot box is closed and sealed again, leaving aside the original tabulation of results.  The number of the seal is recorded in the official records of the commission.

dh) Any irregularity found in the ballot box is noted in the official records.

After all original tabulations of results have been removed, the chairman of the commission completes the tabulation of results for the electoral unit and declares a person elected to the position of deputy or mayor of the municipality or commune for the electoral unit, the membership of the municipal or commune council, and the number of votes cast for multi-party lists.

The chairman of the commission, along with the members of the commission and representatives of the electoral subjects who are present, sign the tabulation of results for the electoral unit.  The chairman provides one copy each of the tabulation to all members of the commission, to the representatives present, to the candidates and to Albanian and foreign observers who are present.  The original copy of the tabulation is forwarded to the CEC, while a copy is posted in a visible place within the voting center. If a recount of ballots is decided according to article 111, the original tabulation and all of its copies reflect this fact.

In case any member of the commission or representative present objects to the tabulation, the commission votes and takes a decision.  The chairman records the nature of the problem and the reasons for the decision in the official records.  The final tabulation reflects the decision taken.  If a member or representative objects to the decision of the commission, he may add his comments to the official records.

At the conclusion, the chairman completes the official minutes on order, which include information on the activity of the police in the electoral territory, if any, and to the extent that respective actions have been contested, an evaluation of the reaction of the police, possible cases of incidents in the zone, information on the number of police forces that have intervened, their commanders and duration of incidents, as well as the decisions of the ZEC or, as appropriate, LGEC, related to them. The official minutes, with the respective objections, if any, is signed by all members of the commission.

All ballot boxes and records are retained by the LGEC or ZEC in accordance with the provisions of this Code.

Only those persons mentioned in section 1 of this article may be present during the procedures set forth in this article.