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Article 29
Article 29
Minutes of Central Election Commission on Election Result
(1) On the basis of the minutes of District Election Commissions on the result of the vote in the District the Central Election Commission shall prepare the minutes in two copies, signed by the chairman, vice-chairman and other members of the Central Election Commission. If any of the members of the Central Election Commission did not sign the minutes, the reason of it shall be recorded into the minutes.
(2) The minutes on the result of the election shall include number of Districts, number of District Election Commissions that delivered the minutes, number of election precincts, number of precinct election commission that delivered the minutes, number of voters registered in the lists of qualified voters in the election precincts, number of valid votes cast for all Candidates, number of the votes for the Candidate who became ineligible, or the Candidate who gave up the right to run, order of Candidates according to the number of valid votes of qualified voters they received, name, second name and academic title of the Candidate who was elected President, or the information that none of the Candidates received the necessary number of votes.