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Article 39
Article 39
District Plebiscite Commission
(1) Each political party and political movement stated in Article 38.1 shall no later than 30 days before the plebiscite day announce the name and second name and the permanent address of one DPC member and one substitute to the Head of the District Office.
(2) The District Plebiscite Commission must have no less than 5 members. Should the DPC fail to have the determined number of members or should their number fall under five and there is no substitute, the Head of the District Office shall appoint the missing members.
(3) The first meeting of the District Plebiscite Commission shall be held no later than 25 days before the plebiscite day; the meeting shall be called by the Head of the District Office.
(4) The District Plebiscite Commission shall
a) oversee the state of readiness of the Precinct Plebiscite Commissions to perform their duties pursuant to this law,
b) decide on complaints of the work of Precinct Plebiscite Commissions,
c) discuss the information on activity of its expert (summarizing) unit,
d) oversee the process of finding the plebiscite results in plebiscite precincts; it is authorized to require explanations or other information from the precinct plebiscite commissions and can correct the found errors after agreement with the precinct plebiscite commission, or ask the precinct plebiscite commission to correct the found errors,
e) find out the plebiscite results in the District,
f) prepare the minutes on the result of the plebiscite in the District and submit it to the Central Plebiscite Commission.