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Article 19

Voting Principles

(1) A voter shall cast his/her vote in person. No voting by proxy shall be admissible.

(2) Upon entering, voters shall approach the ward election board first, and then cast their vote when their turn comes, one by one, as they entered the polling station.

(3) Having entered the polling station, a voter shall prove his/her identity and produce evidence that he/she is a Citizen of the Czech Republic. 7)

7) Article 20 of Act No. 40/1993 Sb., on Citizenship of the Czech Republic

After the voter's registration has been checked and an entry into the relevant extract from the Permanent Electoral Roll or the Register of Persons Unable to Vote Locally made, from a board official, the voter shall receive an empty opaque envelope which shall be under an official seal, and which shall be of identical size, colour and paper quality (hereinafter "Formal Envelope"). Upon request by a voter, the ward election board shall supply the voter with additional ballot-papers should one or more be missing, or replace a ballot should it be crossed out or otherwise marked.

(4) Should a voter fail to prove his/her identity or the fact that he/she is a Citizen of the Czech Republic 7), the voter shall not be allowed to vote.

(5) Having left a voting booth, a voter shall cast his/her vote in front of the ward election board by inserting the Formal Envelope into the ballot-box. A voter who fails to enter the voting booth prior to casting the vote shall be disqualified by the election board from voting.

(6) A voter who is incapable of marking the ballot by his/her own forces because of a bodily handicap, or because he/she is not able to read or write shall have the right to be accompanied to a voting booth by another voter who will mark and insert the ballot into the Formal Envelope for him/her. Such service shall not be rendered by any member of the ward election board.

(7) For material, and especially health-related reasons, a voter shall have the right to ask the Local Authorities, and on the day of the elections, the ward election board, for permission to vote outside the polling station. In such a case, the ward election board shall send to the voter two of its members with a portable ballot-box, a Formal Envelope, and ballots. During voting, the board officials shall ensure that the principles of a secret ballot be observed.