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Article 30

Non-Local Voting Permit

(1) A qualified voter who is unable to vote in the electoral ward where he/she is registered in the Permanent Electoral Roll shall have the right to request that Local Authorities warrant a non-local voting permit to him/her. Having issued the non-local voting permit to the voter, the Local Authorities shall make a note in the Permanent Electoral Roll, and in an extract from the Permanent Electoral Roll which shall be distributed for use by the ward election board to which the said voter pertains.

(2) Before the day of the elections, the non-local voting permit shall entitle the voter, who intends to participate in the election to the Chamber of Delegates, to become registered in the Register of Persons Unable to Vote Locally (see Article 6 above) of an electoral ward other than the one where the voter has permanent registration, or to register himself/herself in any extract from the Register of Persons Unable to Vote Locally on the actual day of the election.