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Article 34

Registration of Lists of Candidates

(1) Upon receipt of the protocol on the conclusions drawn by the Central Election Board after its review of the lists of candidates filed in electoral regions, each regional election board shall register the approved lists of candidates, and notify the Political Parties and coalitions involved of the fact in writing. Registration shall be completed no later that forty-five days prior to the day of the elections. Should a list of candidates be registered by implication of the Central Election Board decision on appeal (see Article 32, Paragraph 3 above), or by implication of a court decision as per a separate law 10), 10) Article 58 and Article 200m of Code of Civil Procedure the relevant regional election board shall register the list of candidates even after the above specified final date, however, no later than on the thirtieth day prior to the day of the elections, and shall determine the numerical symbol that shall index such a list of candidates (see Article 33, Paragraph 5 above). Lists of candidates shall not be reproduced to become ballots unless duly registered.

(2) Should, after the registration of a list of candidates as per Paragraph 1 of this Article, the Central Election Board find out that the Political Party whose list of candidates was duly registered has been suspended or dissolved, it shall cancel its registration of the list of candidates, and notify the agent of the Political Party in question of the cancellation in writing (see Article 31, Paragraph 4 above).

(3) No further notice shall be taken of the list of candidates the registration of which has been cancelled pursuant to the provisions set forth in the foregoing Paragraph 2 of this Article